1932 Roadster
1932 Ford Roadster

Complete Body $5,500
Rolling Body & Chassis Package Starting at $12,000

Standard Features:

           2" Stretch Doors And Cab

          Custom Aluminum Deck Lid Hinges

          Lokar Release Cable Installed For Deck Lid

          Hidden Hinges

           Bear Claw Latches

          Steel Sub-Structure

          2" Recessed Firewall

          Self Popping Deck Lid Latch

          Completely Hand Laid Body


           Grill Shell

           Roll Pan

           Suicide Doors

Standard Aluminum
Deck Lid Hinges

Optional Rear
Roll Pan

Seating Area
Steel Reinforcement

Bear Claw
Door Latches

Optional Grill Shell

Lokar Deck Lid
Release Cable

Optional Suicide

Self Popping
Deck Lid Latch

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